I am a Greater Cleveland-based aspiring character designer and concept artist for interactive entertainment or game-based creative projects.
For the past four years, I have done freelance commission work that has included visual branding for nonprofit organizations, character illustration for personal use, and flat-color work for a comic being relaunched as an Original on the LINE Webtoon platform. I also had the opportunity to create a lyric video using Adobe After Effects for Birmingham-based EDM artist Glow Beets in May 2020. 
For personal work, my biggest motivator and influence is the table top role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. From world building to character creation, I love how collaboration with others makes wonders happen. Between personal works and the beginnings of industry experience, I strive to diversify my skillset in a way that will prepare me for the video game/TTRPG art workforce I want to pursue.
I take commissions for character design, illustration, and Twitch branding packages. Recent commissions include icons, character illustration, and character concepts.
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